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Experience The NextHome Beach Time Difference!

Our reputation is only as good as the services we provide to our guests and the properties we represent. As such, looking after you and our properties is our top priority.  A boutique operation, we concentrate on the quality of the experience and consistently deliver as promised.  This is The NextHome Beach Time Realty Difference!

What makes us different is a moving target, as we evolve and grow to meet the changes in our industry, environment and the vacationing habits of our Guests. Let’s break it down! Here is what we have so far…


  • Managing Expectations
  • Harvesting Local Knowledge for our Visitors
  • Taking the Worry Out of the Equation with Damage Protection Insurance
  • Giving Back to Our Community and Yours via Luke Gives Back Program


Managing Expectations

How do we consistently deliver as promised? We manage expectations! How? Check out the list below for examples of how we strive to manage our Guest experience.

  • We don’t accept just any property into our portfolio!
  • We accurately represent our properties!
  • Our pictures are up to date.
  • We also offer on most of our properties a 3-D Model/Floor Plan that allows our guests to virtually walk through the property from the comfort of their telephone or computer screen before ever booking! Imagine how much better this manages expectations! And when you have well defined and accurate expectations, you have high guest satisfaction.
  • We inspect every property BEFORE our Guests arrive. Often there is “tweaking” required, like lightbulbs needing replaced or a beeping smoke alarm; or, a call-out to housekeeping to come and address some issue that just does not meet our standards.
  • Things do break, making repairs necessary. Unfortunately, just like in your own home, things seldom break at the most convenient time! Happily, we have trusted vendors that know how important it is to respond to Guest maintenance requests AND to do so in a courteous fashion with as little intrusion to our Guests’ vacation as possible.
  • We have a 24 hour on-call counselor to address emergencies.


Harvesting Local Knowledge for our Visitors

It’s great to be a tourist. But, it is better to live like a local while you are a tourist!  If you have traveled to our area before, you might not need help in planning your vacation. But, if you are new to our area; or, if you have not visited us in some time – you will find that our website and handy hints therein help you to plan everything from a smooth arrival and departure – to a GREAT in-between!


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