Buying a Vacation Rental

Thinking about buying an investment property or vacation rental? We can make it happen! And who better to assist you than the vacation rental experts, who can partner with you in not only finding the right property; but, in managing it so as to realize the planned-for return on your investment!


Here’s how it works. We begin by listening.


You tell us what you want to spend on purchasing an investment property or vacation rental.


You tell us your desired and realistic rate of return on your investment.


You tell us if you want to use the property as well? WE GET IT - If you have a vacation home in Florida, the odds are you plan to spend some time in it! If you and your family DO want to use the property as a second home, then we need to know your requirements. For example, if you travel with the family pet, we need to find Luke-worthy, i.e., pet-friendly properties for your consideration. 


You tell us: How long do you like to vacation and how often? That is critical, because some properties limit the amount of time an owner can stay in their unit.


Once we understand what you want – as well as what you need, we begin looking for the right property. Often, it is difficult to marry what a client wants with what is available. Thus begins the art of being an Extraordinary Buyer’s Agent – A NextHome Beach Time Agent!

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