Madeira Beach

Heading north from Treasure Island, you will approach the recently completed Johns’ Pass Bridge leading to Madeira Beach. It is a drawbridge and opens on a regular schedule to allow sailboats and the occasional gambling junket to pass through.  This deep channel is a major link between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Gulf of Mexico. It is also a favorite fishing spot for local, as well as visiting, anglers! As you cross over the bridge to Madeira Beach, you will enjoy the views of the Gulf and the Intracoastal Waterway, as well as the quaint vistas of Johns’ Pass Village from the bridge. There is an abundance of public parking in the multi-story garage at the Village, as well as at ground level. That is good, because you will want to stop and explore the delightful shops and restaurants here.  It is also a great place to rent jet skis and other watercraft; or, hop aboard a chartered fishing boat.
There is more to Madeira Beach than Johns Pass Village, though it is certainly a favorite spot! Other highlights include the gorgeous beach – especially the stretch that includes Archibald Park, the Candy Kitchen and Smuggler’s Cove – a fun, family-friendly miniature golf course featuring live alligators!
Madeira Beach, though a seeming world away, is only about twenty minutes from Downtown St. Petersburg, with its host of cultural opportunities and delightful waterfront cafes and world-class restaurants.